About Us

 An idea! A single thought that elevates one to the point of singularity. 

pickleberry is an idea that struck us once and ever since it has become a dream of us who partnered to draw the first line from this point.

our company

Started by a bunch of foodies who on a lazy afternoon thought, “Why not have a one-stop-shop that sells pickles and preserves from around the country and the globe?”, at pickleberry we are proud to undertake the challenge of bringing the world’s food preserving culture and practices to your doorsteps.

Our vision is to change how we look at pickles & preserves and enjoy a more wholesome way of consuming food. 

Pickling & Preserving

 Man has always been innovative when it comes to food. Pickling is an ancient art practiced to preserve food for the rainy days and today, we have learnt sophisticated preserving techniques.

Though we have a huge variety of pickling traditions throughout the world, most are confined locally. Even in India, which has oil and masalas as the base medium, the pickling methods, pickled varieties and taste vary hugely from one region to another. We realized that India’s pickle market is highly saturated with concentrated varieties as per the locality, states and regions of India.

We aim to bring such unique varieties from around the country and the world at your doorsteps

the problem / the vision

Most of the food products under the preserve category we see in the market contain additive preserves for longer shelf life. Along with this, food generally outside is not made in the same manner as we do at home, be it inferior quality products, too much salt or generic spices. Food, we believe is something that needs to be cherished and made with passion.

That’s why our products are from authentic sources made with love and minimal(natural) or no added preservatives.

The traditional and authentic knowledge sources are generally at the grassroots and indigenous communities. Some of the best products, with fresh ingredients and authentic way of making, come from communities in rural/peri-urban areas, small scale industries and individuals with a passion for food. However, in most cases, either they do not have access to front end markets or do not get their fair share.

At pickleberry we strive to promote such businesses as much as possible and build a sustainable model of economic development.

Our Team

Pavan Kumar

(Finance, Accounts & Operations)

With almost a decade of experience in startups, I’m always excited to tackle the problems involved in setting up the process for new ideas. Even though academically I’m a finance graduate but my interests include much more & I would like to call myself a “Jack of all trades”.
I’m from a community where pickles are not just a side dish but always consumed with the staple food & from my childhood I’ve been looking at almost every part of the tree i.e fruit, vegetable, leaf, root & even stem used in pickling process.
I’m an avid cyclist & traveler too, you can ping me on the weekends for exploring some new cycling routes in & around Bangalore.


(Business Development & Operations)

As a child, I always wondered how products are manufactured, packed and branded the way they are, whether it is a packet of safety pins or a box of toys. Post my graduation in business, I chanced upon a tour managing job. Having spent half a decade in on-ground travel operations, I have put myself as the face of the company directly in front of the client solving problems at many levels. The burning desire to set up a business and a brand that could be part of every household came to fruit when I met Pavan, who loved the idea of a conscious pickle brand that’s additive-free and eco-friendly. Thus, pickleberry was born.