Bird’s Eye Chilli Pickle

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Also famously known as kanthari chili, this one is hot! One of the hottest in the world, this sought after tiny expensive chili is a power pack of nutrients! Here’s one of our favourite homemade pickles, coming from a traditional Kerala home, sourced from natural farms, fresh chilies are pickled in vinegar and gingelly oil along with household spices and masala. You will love the spicy taste just before it gets hotter down the throat. This is what a food enthusiast food would call an eating adventure! 

This chili originated from South East Asia, so it’s also known as ‘Thai chili’ and today is cultivated and consumed across the world. In India, this chili is grown in Kerala and famously called Kanthari Mulaku. This chili is also grown in Assam and Meghalaya. It is one of the hottest ones and hence contains high amounts of capsaicin, considered highly anti-inflammatory and may benefit those suffering from inflammatory disorders and diabetic neuropathy.

Ingredients: bird’s eye chili, vinegar, gingelly oil, red chili, Kashmiri chili, tamarind, garlic, ginger, asafoetida, coriander, fenugreek, mustard, turmeric, salt

Contains no added preservatives, colours, flavours or taste enhancers, No irradiation


  • Store in cool and dry place  
  • Always use clean and dry spoon
  • Keep the lid fastened once served 

Shelf life: 

6 months once the jar is opened. Refrigeration is necessary in hot environments. 

This pickle is added preservative free.

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200g, 300g, 500g

2 reviews for Bird’s Eye Chilli Pickle

  1. Vaali’s kitchen

    Very hot! Good pickle!

  2. Harish

    Love this pickle. The chillies are very small but too hot.
    must try this spicy pickle.

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