Ginger Tamarind pickle


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This combination is a time tested pickling recipe in South Indian pickling traditions. It is also famously known as inji-puli. With grated ginger and tamarind, pickled in vinegar, oil and masala grounded from spices, this grainy paste is more like a pickle chutney that can stay fresh on the shelf for more than six months without any additives. This pickle’s aroma is inviting and tastes sour and pungent while medium spiced. It goes well with rasam, sambhar curd or even plain rice. 

Ginger, Tamarind, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Green Chili, Garlic, Turmeric Powder, Chiili Powder, Vinegar, Salt, Curry Leaves, Mustard, Sugar

Contains no added preservatives, colours, flavours or taste enhancers, No irradiation


  • Store in cool and dry place  
  • Always use clean and dry spoon
  • Keep the lid fastened once served 

Shelf life: 

6 months once the jar is opened. Refrigeration is necessary in hot environments. 

This pickle is added preservative free.

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