Nutmeg Jam


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pickleberry’s all new homemade Nutmeg Jam made from the fruits which are carefully plucked from the trees of our own farm in Kasaragod. This precious little nut flavours the jam with sweet aroma and succulent taste. All the way from the Malabar coast, this homemade jam recipe is bottled to preserve the earthy taste and its perfect consistency to be spread on your daily breads. Did you know nutmegs are a source of happiness inducing compounds that can relieve you from stress? 



Nutmeg Fruit, Sugar

Contains no added preservatives, colours, flavours or taste enhancers, No irradiation


  • Always keep it refrigerated  
  • Always use clean and dry spoon
  • Keep the lid fastened once served 

Shelf life: 

6 months from the date of bottled when refrigerated all the time.


200g, 500g


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