Orange Marmalade (100% natural)


Made from fresh and awesome-looking imported oranges which are juiced and filtered from their fiber with shredded orange rinds. Selected cardamoms are thrown in for that pleasing aroma and preserved with sugar to bottle a tasty and all-natural Orange marmalade.

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Anything Orange is Orange! We introduce our in house Orange Marmalade made by our very own chef; in the pickleberry way! We open-heartedly explored many unique combinations and our hearts were won over by the sublime effect of cardamom-spiced orange marmalade.  

At first, the appetizing aroma of cardamom invites you and then the sweet and sour orange pulp with rinds brings out the citrusy bittersweet aftertaste in every bite which makes a meal very special. 

With a jelly-like and spreadable consistency, this orange marmalade is a great accompaniment with your morning bread toasts and goes well with Indian bread like chapati and naans too. Enhance your high tea and salad preparations, glaze it on your cakes, puddings and pastries or even mix them with your glass of smoothie or milkshake.

What truly makes this orange marmalade special is that it’s made in small batches, with top quality ingredients, handmade with love, great passion and conscious cooking in our very own pickleberry kitchen.

A few more interesting combinations are boiling in our pans and in our heads, will soon have them ready to be delivered to your doorstep.


200g, 400g


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