Water Kefir


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Generally, kefir is a milk based probiotic but water kefir is the vegan alternative. This beverage’s tartness and its natural  effervescence with mild tanginess tastes ethereal and out of the world! This magic potion restores your gut health to the cleanest when consumed everyday. Brewed from Oolong tea and jaggery, it is introduced with kefir grains and left to ferment for a few days that makes it probiotic. We love the taste! Go ahead and chug this jank away! 

Ingredients: Organic Oolong Tea, Jaggery, Kefir Grains, Filtered Water 


  • Refrigeration is must  

Kefir by its nature doesn’t really have an expiry period. Since they are fermented, the older they get the more alive it becomes with the healthy gut friendly bacteria. 

Shelf life:
Try to finish the probiotic within 4 months unless you take fermented food on regular levels. 

This bottle doesn’t contain any synthetic or preservatives.


300, 500


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