Terms & conditions

  1. Once order is processed, cancellation of the same is not accepted although we may consider in rare cases, anyhow pickleberry reserves the right to do so
  2. All Products photos shown on the website are indicative of the actual product. We do our best to give a better result than shown. It may be possible that the actual arrangement/ design/ color varies due to reasons beyond our control such as your device settings, your monitor / phone display settings etc. In such cases, Customer is not liable for any compensation
  3. Due to the current COVID19 scenario like LOCKDOWN and CONTAINMENT ZONES IMPLEMENTATION, we may cancel any order without prior notice and the customer is not liable for any compensation. If the order is already processed, we reserve the rights to cancel and initiate a refund 
  4. Generally a refund will not take more than 5 days to process, due to unavoidable circumstances like Bank Holidays, Technical issues and bank related delays, the refund may take more than notified days and pickleberry will look into resolving the issues at the earliest  
  5. If any mistake is made by the customer while filling details, kindly ensure you contact us immediately via phone numbers/ email, so we can correct the same 
  6. Any credit card defaults or fraudulent action detected on pickleberry.in will be reported to the concerned authority. If any such fraud goes undetected, at any point in future when such an activity is detected, the same will be reported to the concerned authority
  7. Any consumer related complaints moved legally will be bound to the jurisdiction of Bangalore District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.

Refunds, Cancellations, Return Policy

  1. Refunds of food items sold through pickleberry.in are generally unaccepted unless there is spillage / spoilage / breakage or any other reason which could render the product unusable 
  2. Refund is not possible for customers’ dissatisfaction in regards to the taste
  3. Delayed Delivery: Our standard delivery time is 5-7 days. In the event of any delay or default in a delivery, do write to pickleberryshop@gmail.com, we will look into the issue immediately and if reasons are beyond our service standard, we will refund the net amount
  4. Cancellations must be requested via email to pickleberryshop@gmail.com. If a customer cancels within 24 hrs from the date of delivery, refund can not be claimed. For any cancellations received prior to 24 hrs of delivery, the refund is approved if qualified as per our terms & conditions and pickleberry reserves the right to approve or reject the same.
  5. In the event of any spillage / damage: 
    • the Customer shall at the time of receipt, send us the screenshot of the same via email or social media within 1 hour. We will thereafter initiate investigations in the matter of complaint received and will try to resolve the situation at the earliest possible. Complaints received after 24 hrs of delivery will not be looked into for refunds
    • In case of oil based products, though we try our best to avoid oil leaks, minor oil leakages are sometimes unavoidable given the nature of the product, and in such a case if the edible product is still in perfect usable / edible condition, we reserve the rights to accept refund or return of products 
    • In case of leakage which renders the product inedible, we will replace the product or refund the net amount, whichever preferred
    • The decision by pickleberry will be taken keeping in mind the highest industry benchmarks in terms of customer satisfaction and the quality of service that we promise to deliver. Hence our decision shall be final, binding and conclusive on the Customer and the customer is not entitled to dispute the same 
  6. Return of products is accepted only for cases of damage / Spoilage / spillage of the actual edible product 
  7. Unreachable pincodes: When order is placed and your balance is deducted, if your pincode is unserviceable by our delivery partner due to reasons like remoteness or non availability of service for the requested pincode, then we shall look into any alternatives if possible and notify the customer OR we will cancel the order and refund the whole amount    
  8. After the order is placed, in case of NON availability of product or service, we are happy to offer alternative products to choose from OR we will refund the same
  9. If your request for refund has been approved, we will also notify you via email and will reverse the payment with the preferred mode of payment in 1-10 working days 
  10. If a refund is delayed, we are sorry, this definitely will be resolved ASAP.