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Have you tasted pickled nutmeg fruit?

We urge you to try and tell us if it's not your new favourite:)

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Pickles & Relishes

From the spiciest to the mild and organic, we offer authentic pickles from different part of India and the world.  

Mosambi & Grape preserve - Mosambi - Grapes - Preserve

Jams & Preserves

Man has been creative from time unknown when it comes to food. Preserves are a way to enjoy natural food products all year round.    

Kimchi - Probiotic food - Napa cabbage - Carrot

Probiotics & More

Let’s get Healthy! Add our probiotics to your diets to get amazing health benefits. Check out our special section for different probiotics to choose from.

Why Choose US?

Birds eye chili pickle - Kanthari pickle

Authentic Sources

We believe in good food and good energy and our products are sourced from small scale industries and home based individuals to deliver the best food experience

Authentic TASTE

Made with love and affection which reflects in every bite, our products contain minimal (natural) or no added preservatives. We believe nature's lab is the best place to experiment and everything nature provides!


We bring pickles, preserves and fermented products from around the country and the world and deliver a food adventure right at your doorsteps


Whether you are hard core non vegetarian or vegan, someone who doesn't likes spicy food or one out for an adventure, health conscious or just plain foodie, we have something for everyone.

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          Curated with Love!        

The world of kombucha- so complex yet so simple! The elixir of life is gaining popularity in India but there are still questions around it. Let’s take a stab of some of the most frequently asked questions.


pickleberry is a foodie love affair which is meant to last forever. We bring to you unique products under pickle and preserve category to enjoy your everyday meal with a touch of magic. Our vision is to change how we look at pickles and enjoy a more wholesome way of consuming food. Pickleberry is more than just a name or a brand. It is a culture and we welcome you to this community.

We are all about preserving, fermenting, brewing, curing - basically experimenting with natural food in natural ways. We do not Add artificial colourants, artificial ingredients and preservatives in our products. Healthy you, happy you!

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