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A spice treatment for the wave – 2 of the pandemic


All of us today are currently fighting a pandemic that has devastated humanity as a whole. It is important that we come together with our collective consciousness to put forward our best practices and learn the ways to overcome a virus that’s ever mutating and multiplying.  Two years back, lockdown was an alien concept to our generation but today it is a worldwide practice agreed upon… continue

                                                                                      – Marshall savio Thomas

From time unknown, humans have relied on spices for their various benefits. There are numerous anecdotes on the origin of uses of spices for food and medicinal preparations. Many ancient folklores tell us how our ancestors were having a thorough understanding of many of the spices that we know of. Spices grow in many forms. They can be woody shrubs, herbs, lichens, vines,  trees, flowers, nuts, barks, leaves, root!
They have amazing beneficial effects mainly reducing foodborne diseases and food poisoning…Continue
                                                                                               – Marshall savio Thomas